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Core Activities

Project Accelerator

Transition Management

Transition Management emerged in the early 2000s, when corporate smooth-sailing became a thing of the past. InSYNC has been present on the market since the discipline’s infancy. Today, InSYNC is one of its most experienced outfit.

IT Project Management

InSYNC was founded by seasoned managers and computer scientists. Tackling both the technology dimension and the business dimension of an IT project is in our DNA. Most importantly: we deliver more than technology, we deliver business value.

Post-deal M&A Management

When the deal is signed, there is a shared sense of accomplishment, a cause for celebration. However, there is a catch: in truth, little is really accomplished at this point. In fact, the hard work has yet to take place.

About InSYNC

Who we are


InSYNC is a Transition & Transformation Management consultancy founded in 1997.

We offer on-site executive management services to companies confronted with exceptional situations.

Propelled by a network of hands-on talented individuals, our core activities include :

Experienced in a wide range of industries, we are used to tackling big issues.
Our method is decisively simple: we endorse your objectives, team-up with you and make it happen.

We operate worldwide, with a special focus on Europe and the Middle-East.

Why chose our company?

    • You may do it with us… or without +
    • We adapt your price to your organization +
    • We team up with you +
    • We immediately swing into action +